What is Engage Victoria?

Engage Victoria is the Victorian Government's Online Consultation platform provided by the State of Victoria through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and supported by Harvest Digital Planning.

It provides a range of tools to enable the community to readily share their ideas and opinions, and to comment on the ideas of others on a range of issues and topics relevant to Victorians.

Engage Victoria gives the Victorian community an easy to find, central point of contact to be involved in government decisions.

The site also offers an additional, digital way for the public to participate and to have a say in the development of government policies and programs.

If you have a question about the Engage Victoria site, please Contact Us.

Government Departments and Agencies

If you work for the Victorian Government and would like to host a consultation on Engage Victoria please complete the Contact Us form outlining the proposed project.

Your request will be sent to your departmental engagement or communications officer who will contact you to understand more about your project requirements and timeframes.

Victorian Government Public Engagement and Partnership Vision

The Victorian Government Public Engagement and Partnership Vision was developed in collaboration with engagement practitioners from across the Victorian Public Service (VPS). It was endorsed by the Victorian Secretary’s Board in 2018.

The Vision provides an overarching policy frame for Public Engagement, including setting community and system outcomes and defining public engagement. Department’s are encouraged to reference the Vision in localised public engagement strategies.

Work has begun on the Public Engagement and Partnership Framework, which will provide clarity on the principles, approaches and indicators for best practice public engagement in the VPS.


Working together to make better decisions and improve the lives of Victorians

Domain 1

Building stronger relationships and engaged communities

Community outcomes

People are involved

People engage and know their views have been listened to and used by Government

People have choice and flexibility

People can choose how they would like to be involved

Communities are well represented

We collect representative views and build strong relationships with communities

Domain 2

A public sector that engages effectively with Victorians

System outcomes

Our workforce values engagement and uses it to inform decisions

Our workforce has the skills, resources and competencies to engage with Victorians effectively

Our systems enable engagement

We will make better use of data and information, and insights from public engagement to inform government decision making Working together to make better decisions and improve the lives of Victorians Public engagement and partnership vision

What is public engagement?

Public engagement is a planned process with the specific purpose of working with individuals and groups to encourage active involvement in decisions that affect them or are of interest to them.

Engagement refers to the range of opportunities stakeholders and the community have to participate in a project from educating individuals or groups about a project; obtaining community feedback at a key project stage or milestone; or working collaboratively with stakeholders to address local issues.

Public engagement activities may include:

  • citizen juries, crowdsourcing, user-centered design and co-design initiatives
  • workshops or forums with specific groups
  • request for feedback, fact-based questionnaires, petitions and referendums
  • fact sheets and social media
  • participatory budgeting
  • interviews

The Vision was developed with input from all departments and key agencies including the Victorian Public Sector Commission, the Level Crossing Removal Authority, VicRoads, Victoria Police, Environment Protection Authority and Essential Services Commission.