During community engagement for the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023 (VAAF), Aboriginal Victorians told us government alone can't hold itself accountable for spending and outcomes in Aboriginal affairs. They told us that government, Aboriginal organisations and government-funded organisations must be held accountable to community, by community.

What would an Aboriginal-led evaluation and review mechanism do?

The VAAF commits to establishing an Aboriginal-led evaluation and review mechanism to track government’s progress against the VAAF. This includes evaluating and reviewing:

  • government’s efforts to achieve the goals, objectives and measures set out in the VAAF
  • government action to enable Aboriginal self-determination.

Aboriginal Victorians will lead the design process

Aboriginal Victorians will:

  • help decide the design principles for the mechanism
  • advise government on the design of the mechanism, including its function, scope, membership and governance
  • develop the mechanism’s terms of reference in partnership with government.

Read the Community Engagement Report

From February to June 2019 we undertook community engagement to hear Aboriginal Victorians’ views on the mechanism. Consultations were held in 18 locations across the State. Thank you to everyone who shared their time, expertise and personal stories in our discussions on what the mechanism should look like. A summary of what we heard is included in this Community Engagement.
Community Engagement Report
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Community Engagement Report
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Next Steps

The community advice contained in this Community Engagement Report will guide the next steps in progressing Aboriginal-led accountability of government.

Further community consultation may be undertaken in 2020 once it is clear how Aboriginal-led accountability of government intersects with the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.

We hope this will give Aboriginal Victorians some more time to have further conversations within their families and communities, because this is an important and complex initiative that we need to get right.

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Read the Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide #1 gives you useful information to help you make decisions around the design of the mechanism.
Discussion Guide 1
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Discussion Guide 1
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