The Victorian Government has announced it is developing a ten-year plan to transform Shepparton’s education system - this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

The Shepparton Education Plan will look at how we can improve education for young people from early learning, through primary and secondary school, and beyond.

We want to give students more options and opportunities, help young people transition through each stage of education, equip teachers with training and resources and improve school infrastructure.

We want to hear from you

We have heard from you and now we are reviewing comments, feedback, and ideas. We are gathering all feedback to create a report, which we'll release at a later stage.

With your ideas, perspective and feedback we can develop an education plan that is tailored to the needs of the Shepparton community. With the help of local leaders, we will be drawing upon the existing collective knowledge of your community to transform educational outcomes.

Have your say

We were keen to gather a wide range of local input into the new school design, and provided you with three options to have your say - the community workshop, the comment board, or the online survey.

Community workshop

The community workshop for Shepparton was held on Thursday 29 June.

Thank you to everybody who attended and provided feedback.

Comment board

3 July, 2017

Keishajayne says:

“Offer alternative pathways. Help people to understand the importance of education ”

29 June, 2017

anthony_raitman says:

“Hearing today from community members at the community forum - opportunities for collaboration between catholic and government sectors”

28 June, 2017

ahmetl says:

“With a relentless focus on learning in schools.”

26 June, 2017

FairleyLeadership says:

“Every vulnerable/at risk young person to have an appropriate mentor - this work has been started by Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project.”

23 June, 2017

bmlmbacj says:

“Be brave and prepared to tackle the real issues. Improve teaching & learning, bring our schools together.”

22 June, 2017

helen_fairman says:

“Most teenagers can't give change when using money unless they have a calculator .Why?”

22 June, 2017

helen_fairman says:

“Go back to reading writing and Maths no computers in class rooms .have a look at Japanese education no computers in class room ”

22 June, 2017

DavidBrodie says:

“Every school in the local area to be either linked to a Secondary College, Kindergarten or workplace to explore real life learning.”

22 June, 2017

01906420 says:

“Prepare families/potential students for the structure of institutional education prior to entering the institutional education process.”

22 June, 2017

01906420 says:

“Drill right down into the data examining literacy and numeracy skills of students in early years of primary education. Take it seriously.”

16 June, 2017

Fern.Summer says:

“There are not enough characters for my submission. Can I report via email instead?”

16 June, 2017

BSJB16 says:

“work with teachers and getting one on one experience to improve when struggling in certain classes. get a variety on skill in all classes.”


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3. Why are you interested in education in Shepparton?

Select up to two options that best describe why you are interested.

4. Do you speak a language other than English at home?
5. Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

General impressions of education in the Shepparton area

Please list up to three ideas in order of their importance.

Key approaches to improving education

Victoria's Education State policy sets out four targets to help students develop and achieve their best:

  • Learning for life: More students achieving excellence in reading, maths, science, and the arts
  • Happy, healthy and resilient kids: Building the resilience of our children, and encouraging them to be more physically active
  • Breaking the link: Ensuring more students stay in school and breaking the link between disadvantage and outcomes for students
  • Pride and confidence in our schools: Making sure every community has access to excellence, in every school and classroom

Your feedback on the following questions will be used to guide approaches that help achieve these targets.

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19. How did you hear about the Shepparton Education Plan?
20. How satisfied are you with the current engagement process in terms of opportunities to get involved and provide your views?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.