Community engagement is now closed

Your feedback will help us to understand the schooling needs for local students.

The Department of Education will consider your feedback to determine the next steps for the Shepparton Education Plan.

Please find on this page details regarding each of the Shepparton Education Plan consultation phases, with a list of all publications and What We Heard Reports published below.

For further information please go to The Victorian School Building Authority website here.

Phase 1 Engagement

Improving Student Outcomes

We first began speaking with the community about the education plan in June 2017. We asked you to help us understand educational needs, challenges and aspirations in the wider Shepparton area.

Over a three-week consulation process we heard from nearly 400 people. We worked with local teachers and principals, education experts and key local groups to develop four options for the local secondary schools:

  1. No change: the four schools stay the same
  2. Minor improvements: the four schools stay the same, with funding for minor upgrades like asbestos removal, maintenance and new equipment
  3. New school - one secondary campus: the four schools merge to become one new school, on one campus
  4. New school - two secondary campuses: the four schools merge to become one new school, over two campuses.

Phase 2 Engagement

One school, one campus

In September and October 2017, we asked for feedback on the benefits and challenges of each of the four secondary school options. During this period we heard from more than 400 people through a range of online and face-to-face activities in Shepparton and Mooroopna.

What we heard:

We heard that any school model would need to put the diverse needs of students first and provide health and wellbeing services at the school to help students succeed. Your community told us that significant change was needed and that a new secondary school model would deliver better outcomes. There were mixed views about campus numbers and locations, but ultimately your community felt the single-school, single-campus model was the strongest of the four options presented.

What happened next:

The Shepparton Education Plan Advisory Committee considered your feedback, along with advice from working groups and education experts, before recommending that the government proceed with Option 3: a new one-campus secondary school in Shepparton.

Phase 3 Engagement

Improved school design

What we asked:

The first step in bringing the new schools together is the design of the school. We spoke to the; students, teachers, families and broader community about their vision for the new school’s design and how the new school can contribute to the local community. In particular, we asked about what learning and teaching spaces you would like to have in the new school.

We wanted to understand what makes your community unique and the kinds of school facilities that could be shared with the larger community outside school hours.

How we engaged:

We engaged with people in the greater Shepparton community from 14 May to 8 June 2018 through:

  • primary and secondary school student workshops
  • family and community information sessions and workshops
  • school council meetings
  • school staff briefing and information sessions
  • tertiary educators workshop
  • city council meeting
  • Business and Ethnic Council meeting
  • teacher survey
  • online survey and discussion board
  • community pop ups at secondary school gates and throughout the town.

To promote the engagement activities, we:

  • advertised in the local newspapers
  • advertised on Facebook
  • distributed information packs to council, early learning centres and schools
  • were supported by the local schools and council, who shared information through their social media channels, emails and newsletter updates