Community Engagement

Stage 1: Community Engagement

In April 2017, the Victorian Government announced that it was developing a long-term plan to transform education in Shepparton. The Shepparton Education Plan looks at learning from birth to post-secondary. The first phase of the plan focused on secondary school education.

In June 2017, we asked you what the key challenges facing young people in Shepparton are, and how can we improve education outcomes. We know that outcomes in the local community are well below the NAPLAN state averages for both reading and numeracy.

Here is a snapshot of our three week formal consultation process:

  • we ran nine workshops and meetings, which saw more than 200 community members attend, including students, parents, teachers, early learning centre staff and community groups
  • 185 people filled out an online survey
  • we received more than 4,750 individual comments, which we read and grouped into themes.


Following this consultation we developed a ‘What We Heard’ report. The findings from the community consultation highlights the varied and complex issues young people face in the area. Your feedback identified the need for improved pathways to tertiary education and local industry, increasing the limited breadth and depth of subject choice, encouraging sharing of information and resources across schools, and reducing competition between schools for enrolments.

We also heard that you want local schools to:

  • improve student learning by enhancing teacher capabilities, upgrading physical learning spaces, and rethinking current provision
  • address the needs of every young person in Shepparton, particularly those who have experienced trauma or have a disability, and place a greater emphasis on individualised learning
  • ensure that our best and brightest have every opportunity to excel
  • give students a broader range of skills, experiences and options for the future, and to make learning more engaging, raise aspirations and improve pathways for life after school.

*The full report can be found at our VSBA website here.

Stage 2: Community Engagement

Following the release of the Phase 1 'What We Heard' report, we begun Phase 2 of the secondary school community engagement process.

In September and October 2017, we asked for your feedback on options for secondary education.

Over four weeks we hosted a series of pop-up information sessions, community workshops and an online survey. We heard from more than 300 people, and analysed almost 2,000 individual comments.

The result of this survey, showed that the community supported the establishment of one school as the preferred option.

*The full options paper and 'What We Heard' report can be found here.

Stage 3: Community Engagement

Following these two rounds of community consultation, the Victoria Government has endorsed a recommendation to create a new one-campus secondary school in Shepparton ensuring local secondary students have access to the highest quality education.

The Shepparton Education Plan Advisory Committee considered feedback and advice from working groups, education experts and hundreds of community members as part of community consultation before recommending merging the four local government secondary schools into one new school. The Minister for Education endorsed this recommendation.

About the ‘one school’ model

The four secondary colleges, Shepparton High School, McGuire College, Mooroopna Secondary College and Wanganui Park Secondary College will merge to form one new single-campus school that will be better equipped to meet the needs and aspirations of young people across the area.

What is the case for change?

What is the case for change?

What is the case for change?

The community wants their young people to aim high. There has been a clear call for transformational change that extinguishes perceptions of different secondary colleges providing different education experiences to different sectors of the community. The new school will provide a better environment for teaching and learning. This will improve opportunities for our young people to meet life’s challenges, build resilience and reach their full potential.

The Plan was informed by a comprehensive community consultation process. Over 6,500 individual comments were gathered and analysed from the broader community. Ongoing feedback during the developmental phase of the Plan was achieved through links to 39 community and government organisations involving 68 individuals who participated in the Strategic Advisory Committee and its five working parties. The feedback identified and reinforced a number of common ideas, resulting in a very clear direction and overwhelming community support to the Strategic Advisory Committee in forming its proposal that the four government secondary schools merge into one site, one school.

One School

Greater Shepparton College (Interim Name)

The first step toward a new school framework is to merge the four current high schools.

The new entity will be configured around a series of learning centres or ‘houses’ – each made up of 300 students from Years 7 to 12.

Shepparton High School Site

The Shepparton High School site has been chosen as the location for Shepparton and Mooroopna’s new secondary school.

Developed in conjunction with education experts and the local community, the plan merges four schools – McGuire College, Mooroopna Secondary College, Shepparton High School and Wanganui Park Secondary College – onto one site.

The new school will be designed by Gray Puksand and means new buildings, a wellbeing hub and more support for students with both high aspirations and more complex needs.

For all students now and into the future, the new school site offers many benefits.

  • This is the most central location for the young people in Shepparton and Mooroopna.
  • Having the school located in easy walking distance to Latrobe University and GoTAFE means our young people will be able to:
    • access hands-on practical training like mechanics, hospitality, digital design and web design − to be job ready
    • make the transition to university easier - potentially linking senior secondary programs to university studies
  • Having the school located close to local businesses will help our young people build relationships with employers to gain work experience and future jobs.

Supporting the Mooroopna community

With the new school to be built in Shepparton, this provides an opportunity to plan for the future of the current Mooroopna Secondary College site. Options for this site will continue to be developed throughout 2018.