We’re building a new senior secondary school in the Wyndham area. The 2017-18 State Budget provided $1 million funding to plan and design the new school.

The architect’s designs for the school will be developed in consultation with the local community.

What kind of school do you want?

We have heard from you and now we are reviewing comments, feedback, and ideas. We are gathering all feedback to create a report, which we'll release at a later stage.

Your feedback will be provided to the Victorian School Building Authority and the architects who will be designing the school. With your ideas and perspective, we will deliver excellence in education.

Have your say

We were keen to gather a wide range of local input into the new school design, and provided you with three options to have your say - the community workshop, the comment board, or the online survey.

Comment board

How can the local community be reflected in the new school?

2 July, 2017

edward_hun says:

“It should be big enough to cater for the fast population growth in Point Cook. Don't build a school that can only last 3-5 years.”

27 June, 2017

bhowarth says:

“It needs to support diversity of background and celebrate the strong mix of cultures through all aspects of its curriculum.”

20 June, 2017

Catherineli says:

“It's a great plan , based on the expected population growth in Point Cook, high quality senior school is urgent need in next 5-10yrs. ”

20 June, 2017

maria_pandazopoulos says:

“Ensure new schools have a broad view of our current community groups and look to the future for our children incorporating ICT into the clas”

19 June, 2017

Hadi2009 says:

“More schools in whyndham needed ”

16 June, 2017

RMB says:

“I would like the school to be a 10-12 IB school to allow students from Seabrook and Alamanda to continue schooling in the area”

15 June, 2017

Aroha123 says:

“The canteen to provide a healthy range of meals/snacks appropriate for learning children, and that reflects our multicultural community.”

15 June, 2017

Aroha123 says:

“The school must provide an intelligent system for pickup and dropoff that balances safety and timeliness. ”

15 June, 2017

Aroha123 says:

“Any new school must have the safety & security of our children as its 1st priority; systems & processes must reflect modern risks & threats.”

15 June, 2017

Aroha123 says:

“I would like to see a start of the Art School focusing on creative pursuits of Art and Technology. ”

11 June, 2017

KEB says:

“Reflect Heritage of the area - compliment the Existing Senior Facility - Not compete - Offer options for senior education & don't Zone.”

10 June, 2017

rouba_jamal_eddine says:

“Sharing an eating area where different types of food from different cultures is served. And different music in background at the times ”


The online survey was open from 6 June to 2 July, and is now closed.

Thank you to everybody who completed the survey.

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3. Why are you interested in the new school? Choose up to 2 options that best describe why you are interested.
4. Do you speak a language other than English at home?
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These principles form an important part of the education specification, or educational philosophy, for the school. The following questions are designed to explore how we can achieve the principles through the school design and operation.

6a. Design Principle - Learners and Learning

Aim: Create contemporary environments that facilitate a learning-centred approach where learning is seen as developing the whole person - intellectual, emotional, social, physical, cultural. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to 3 possible solutions.

6b. Design Principle - Diversity

Aim: Honour and celebrate diversity – diversity in learners, cultural and social diversity – within the school and wider community. (Note: The school will be built to universal design principles, allowing all students of all abilities to participate.) How can we achieve this aim? Select up to 3 possible solutions.

6c. Design Principle - Community

Aim: Provide opportunities for meaningful engagement within and between community services, schools, families, and the wider community. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to 3 possible solutions.

6d. Design Principle - Wellbeing

Aim: To support the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of the school community and promote positive social interaction. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to 3 possible solutions.

6e. Design Principle - Sustainability

Aim: Promote sustainability as a core principle in lifelong learning. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to 3 possible solutions.

6f. Design Principle - Technology

Aim: Use technology to enable both students and staff to learn and teach. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to 3 possible solutions.

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9. What's your preferred way to get to school?
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11. How did you hear about the opportunity to provide feedback about the new school?
12. How satisfied are you with the current engagement process on the development of the new school, in terms of opportunities to get involved and provide your views?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.