In 2017 we carried out engagement in your area which was used to develop plans for Sanctuary Lakes South P-9, Truganina East P-9 and Point Cook South Senior Secondary.

Works for Sanctuary Lakes South P-9 and Truganina East P-9 are underway, and the schools are on track to open for local students for the 2019 school year. The designs are now available on the Victorian School Building Authority Sanctuary Lakes South P-9 website and the Truganina East P-9 website.

Point Cook South Senior Secondary is currently being designed and the land acquisition is well underway.

Now, we want to hear from you again. What kind of schools do you want for the Wyndham/Point Cook area?

The Victorian Government has started planning for other new schools.

This is an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas to:

  • help us to understand what you see as the priorities for schools
  • inform the design
  • shape the vision.

Please take your time completing this survey. We appreciate you providing feedback.

Workshop Registration

Thank you to those who attended our community workshop on Wednesday 18 April at the Italian Sports Club of Werribee.

If you would like to contribute further, please complete the survey below to help shape education in the Wyndham/Point Cook area.


This survey will close on Monday 30th April at 5pm.
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2. There is potential for some school facilities to be shared use with the community. What is the most important facility you think schools could share with the community?
3. Which spaces do you think are most important for student learning?

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4. How can we celebrate diversity in our schools? *Note: all schools will be built to universal design principles, allowing all students of all abilities to participate.

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5. How can we best create a sense of community within schools and the local areas?

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6. How can we best support the wellbeing of students and staff in schools?

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8. What is your preferred way to travel to school?

If you have the time, we’d appreciate if you could answer a few more questions to help us understand more about you.

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2. Why are you interested in education in this area?

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3. Do you speak a language other than English at home?
4. Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
5. How did you hear about the engagement?
6. How satisfied are you with the current engagement process, in terms of opportunities to get involved and provide your views?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.