We want to hear from you. What kind of primary school do you want for Lucas?

The Victorian Government has started planning for a new school.

This survey is an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas to:

  • help us to understand what you see as the priorities for the school
  • inform the design
  • shape the vision.
Please take your time completing this survey. We appreciate you providing feedback.


This survey will close on Monday 26th March at 9am.
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3. Why you are interested in the new school?

Choose up to two options that best describe why you are interested.

4. Do you speak a language other than English at home?
5. Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
6. Do you plan to send children to the school?
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8. Which qualities do you consider most important for preparing students to be active, successful and engaged members of society?

Select up to five you believe are the most important.

9. What do you think are the most important school functions and spaces?

Select the five most important spaces.

10. There are a number of school facilities that could be designed to be shared with the community. What kind of spaces do you think the community needs?

Select the two you think are most important.

11. Which of the following services do you believe would be most beneficial?
12. Which organisation informed you about the opportunity to provide feedback?
13. How satisfied are you with the current engagement process on the development of the Lucas Primary School in terms of opportunities to get involved and provide your views?