The Victorian Government is transforming secondary education in Lilydale and the Upper Yarra area. We will look at how we can continue to improve educational outcomes for young people from Years 7 - 12.

We want to give students and their families more options and opportunities, help young people to finish their secondary education, equip teachers with high quality training and resources, and improve school infrastructure.

These goals will ensure that students have pathways to further education and employment opportunities in the future. This plan will seek to boost educational outcomes, and address enrolment numbers to ensure financial sustainability and resources are shared equally between the three local secondary schools.

Key approaches to improving education

The Education State policy sets out four targets to help students develop and achieve their best:

Learning for life: More students achieving excellence in reading, maths, science and the arts.

Happy, healthy and resilient kids : Building the resilience of our children, and encouraging them to be more physically active.

Breaking the link: Ensuring more students stay in school, and breaking the link between disadvantage and poorer outcomes for students.

Pride and confidence in our schools: Making sure every community has access to excellence, in every school and classroom.

Have your say

To get things started, we want to hear from a broad cross-section of Lilydale and Upper Yarra residents – young people, parents, educators, former students, employers, business owners, and industry leaders.

With your ideas, perspective, and feedback, we can develop an education plan that is tailored to the needs of the local community. On this page you can:

  • Contribute to the comment board
  • Complete the survey

Comment board

What is your vision to improve secondary education in Lilydale and the Upper Yarra area?

31 August, 2017

joanna_yates says:

“Support special needs students with special education teachers”

28 August, 2017

jo_derbyshire says:

“Improve the shocking state of the extremely aged buildings and facilities. ”

26 August, 2017

Taylorb says:

“How about running a mentoring program to help inform young people of career pathways and opportunities. Mentors can help with research. ”

26 August, 2017

dianne_packer says:

“I feel that children need to learn about running a household, eg how to fill out a taxation form, to learn about insurance eg contents, home”

22 August, 2017

kristen_tatham says:

“Getting education help for kids with epilepsy and who are on huge doses of medication ”

15 August, 2017

CyberBlade says:

“Full Certificate 2 and 3 in General Education for adults in English, Maths and Science units to allow aspiring people to join the ADF!”


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