The Victorian Government is investing a total of $10.9 million to upgrade and modernise Kyneton Secondary College. This investment will create lifelong learning opportunities and build skills for people living in the Macedon Ranges.

As part of the Kyneton education precinct, a vocational education and training hub will be constructed at the Kyneton Secondary College.

The School Council's Marketing Committee opened an online survey on 18 April 2017 and closed it on 14 May 2017 to ask the wider Kyneton community how to use the Kyneton Secondary College’s Training and Innovation Hub.

The Training and Innovation Hub will give students the opportunity to develop the skills they need – and the skills employers want – for jobs today and tomorrow.

The Hub will also be an asset to the community. It will respond to the needs of the region and be available for mature adults interested in upskilling.

There are a number of opportunities for how the hub can be used, and the School Council's Marketing Committee will be reviewing the results of the survey.

Whether you're a student, parent, part of a community group or business, if you would like to know more about the opportunities you foresee in this exciting new facility, please contact the School Council's Marketing Committee directly:

For more information about the Authority, visit the Victorian School Building Authority website.

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To help shape this major education investment in this region, we asked people to complete the following survey. The survey closed on 14 May 2017.


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5. Kyneton Secondary College's new Training and Innovation Hub will be capable of delivering a broad range of subjects from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths (STEAM) disciplines.

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6. Kyneton Secondary College's new Training and Innovation Hub will be flexibly designed to provide students with pathways to further tertiary study, vocational training or employment.

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7. In thinking about jobs today and in the future, what skills are important to develop in Kyneton Secondary College Students?

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8. In addition to Kyneton Secondary College students, what other groups in the community could benefit from the resources available at the Training and Innovation Hub? Please select as many as apply.
9. Would you like to support the Training and Innovation Hub? If so, how could you help? Please select as many as apply and enter your contact details below.

10. How you like to be contacted about providing future support to the Hub? (OPTIONAL)

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