Designs and Engagement Report

Earlier this year, we asked the local community about their aspirations and ideas for a primary school in Docklands. Community feedback received during the community engagement stage was collected and given to the architects to incorporate into the school building design.

We asked for your ideas to help shape the school by contributing to the ‘education specification’ (the school’s educational philosophy).

The Community Engagement Report below captures the key findings from feedback we gathered online or at community workshops.

COX Architecture received the report, and used it to help design the new school’s master plan.

Docklands Primary School

What you said

  • There is a high level of community support for the new primary school.
  • Architecture and landscape: People are seeking a sustainable school building. They would like to see strong natural elements incorporated, including trees and vegetation. Participants suggested making the best use of the available space through vertical design and innovative ideas such as rooftop gardens, terraces and integration with the surrounding environment.
  • Play and social: There is a desire for students to have play spaces that are open and connected to nature.
  • Community connection: The new school provides an opportunity to create and enhance a sense of community belonging and identity in Docklands. This could be achieved through community spaces at the school, and connecting students to local community facilities.
  • Accessibility: Safe and easy access to the school for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and vehicles is important.
  • Curriculum, learners and learning: There is support for an inclusive curriculum that offers a wide range of practical and specialist skills, including a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).
  • Celebration of multiculturalism and social diversity is an important consideration.
  • There is a high level of community interest in future secondary provision in the area.

Next Steps

We would like to thank everyone from the inner city community who contributed to the planning stage of a new primary school in Docklands.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Victorian School Building Authority.

Community Consultation


The Victorian Government has committed to building a primary school in Docklands.

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) has selected a site, and begun designing the school with COX Architecture.

We have heard from you and reviewed your comments, feedback and ideas. We compiled these into a report, which is available on the ‘What we heard’ tab.

What kind of school do you want?

Schools are more than a building – they are at the heart of a community. By providing input, you have contributed to building a vibrant community for Docklands.

With your ideas, perspective and feedback, we will deliver excellence in education for the inner city.

We are excited to have received responses from students, parents, educators, residents and business owners, who all make up the inner city community.

We have heard your perspective on:

  • designing a school that puts students and learning first
  • ensuring the school supports diversity and student wellbeing
  • making the school sustainable and using state-of-the-art technology
  • getting the Docklands and inner Melbourne community involved
  • ensuring the school works within the broader Docklands precinct

Comment board

What will make Docklands Primary School a relevant and effective place for learning?

21 May, 2017

rocwhi says:

Students at Docklands Primary School should have access to kitchen and herb gardens to support learning in Science and Sustainability.

20 May, 2017

Danielle says:

Easily Accessible: Improve footpath access from West Melb - currently pedestrian access limited to Dudley St which isn't pedestrian friendly

4 May, 2017

Theanalyst says:

Check out the school designed by Takaharu Tezuka in Japan. One of the best designed schools in the world. Let's do something different

2 May, 2017

JudyWang says:

Melbourne's inner city community had long been requesting for a new school to be builder in this area to suit the need! Finally!!!!

30 April, 2017

JulieM says:

Regulations require 7m2 of outdoor space per student for before and after school care. How will this be provided in a vertical school?

30 April, 2017

Rafael says:

As the docklands this school should be modernistic, technologies enabled with links to local library, water, parks and history.

29 April, 2017

Aimme says:

Advanced technology and experienced teachers are the most importsnt can provide more opportunity for kids to find themselves

28 April, 2017

Angela3003 says:

Please plan at this stage to make the school Prep to Year 12 to avoid a demographic tsunami like the rest of the inner city.

27 April, 2017

MaryAthans says:

I'm a Kindergarten Teacher also Primary qualifed. An Early Learning Centre to Year 12 so children can transition through seamlessly.

27 April, 2017

Robyn3000 says:

Provide p-12 so city families have a local school before they grow old or further crowd nearest suburban schools.

27 April, 2017

Robyn3000 says:

Integrate healthy lifestyle for local families generally live in apartments; lots of different play nature good walking/bike routes

27 April, 2017

BrookeParsons says:

Inclusive and accommodating to individual needs. A place students feel comfortable and want to come too.

Survey is now closed

This survey is an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas to:

  • help us to understand what you see as the priorities for the school
  • inform the design of the school
  • shape the vision and educational approach (or 'education specification') for the new school.

Please allow approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey. We appreciate you providing feedback.

By providing your email address, you are agreeing to receive information about the new school in Docklands. We’ll always give the opportunity to opt out of email communication.

You have 4 characters left.
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3. Why you are interested in the new school? Choose up to two options that best describes why you are interested. Required
4. Do you plan to send children to the school? Required
5. Do you speak a language other than English at home?

6. When you think about the Docklands community and environment, what are the first three words that come to mind?

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8. Which qualities do you consider most important for preparing students to be active, successful and engaged members of society? Select up to five you believe are the most important.

9 Design principles

These principles form an important part of the education specification, or educational philosophy for the school. The following questions are designed to explore how we can achieve the principles through the school design and operation.

9a. Design principle – Learners and learning

Aim: Create contemporary environments that facilitate a learning-centred approach where learning is seen as developing the whole person - intellectual, emotional, social, physical, cultural. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to five possible solutions.

9b. Design principle – Diversity

Aim: Honour and celebrate diversity – diversity in learners, cultural and social diversity - within the school and wider community. (Note. The school will be built to universal design principles, allowing all students of all abilities to participate). How can we achieve this aim? Select up to five possible solutions.

9c. Design principle – Community

Aim: Provide opportunities for meaningful engagement within and between community services, schools, families, and the wider community. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to five possible solutions.

9d. Design principle – Wellbeing

Aim: To support the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of the school community and promote positive social interaction. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to five possible solutions.

9e. Design principle – Sustainability

Aim: Promote sustainability as a core principle in lifelong learning. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to five possible solutions.

9f. Design principle – Technology

Aim: Use technology to enable both students and staff to learn and teach. How can we achieve this aim? Select up to five possible solutions.

10. What do you think are the most important school functions and spaces? Select the five most important spaces.
11. There are a number of school facilities that could be designed to be shared with the community. What kind of spaces do you think the community needs? Select up to three you think are most important.
12. Which of the following services do you believe would be most beneficial?
13. How will you / your child primarily travel to the school?
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You have 255 characters left.
16. How did you hear about the opportunity to provide feedback about the new school?
17. Which organisation informed you about the opportunity to provide feedback?
18. How satisfied are you with the current engagement process on the development of the Docklands Primary School in terms of opportunities to get involved and provide your views?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.