The Bendigo Education Plan 2028 is an exciting opportunity to develop a localised plan for the next ten years that aligns with the Education State.

The plan will build on learnings from the previous education plan, the Bendigo Education Plan 2005, to support the Education State’s vision to give every Victorian the opportunity to succeed in life, regardless of background, place or circumstance.

This plan is being developed in partnership with the Bendigo community and input has been sought from a broad range of groups and individuals.

The initial objective of the plan will be to define a course of action to improve quality and access to education in the Bendigo region over the next ten years, with further targets and objectives informed by the outcomes of this planning phase.

How you had your say

We wanted to gather a wide range of local input into the new plan, and provided you with three options to have your say:

  • the online comment board
  • the online survey
  • a series of six community forums held over two days in September 2017.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the community forums and provided input into the plan. We will update this site to share what we heard as soon as we have finished processing the themes and ideas that you provided.